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About me:

I'm a 20's something girl in the U.S. I recently graduated college and I own and operate my own business. I love most video games and have been playing since I upgraded my IBM to play UT back in the day. Aside from video games I have a great appreciation of Sci Fi, fantasy, anime, and everything in between. This blog is mostly my girly side but occasionally some nerd stuff and cosplay will sneak its way in too.

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Mimi Review:

These are the I.Fairy Keizen lenses in gray. They are a dark, murky looking gray, so if you were looking for something to brighten your dark eyes up I’d look elsewhere.

The enlargement is substantial, but honestly I’m not sure it is really 16.2mm, could just as easily be 15mm. 

They are not comfortable at all on my eyes. I’m not sure if its the base curve or what, but every single time I move my eyes I can feel the edges of these lenses and they feel thick. 

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